Public Spaces & Venues

Good acoustic design is critical in indoor sports and public halls, theatres, cinemas, and restaurants. Reverberated noise in such spaces can reach levels which negatively impact  on our enjoyment and experience. The addition of sound absorptive panels and insulation is of utmost importance to ensure noise levels are maintained at comfortable levels.

Our Product Solutions

Martini Absorb

Absorb is ideal for use behind perforated panelling or semi exposed to the noise in commercial, community, education and public buildings such as libraries and court rooms.

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Martini Omega

Omega is a very high density panel product that comes with a highly durable Flametex fire resistant textile that can be fitted to exposed soffits and walls. The Flametex facing is cleanable and therefor well suited to high traffic areas such as corridors and halls.

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Martini dECO Series

dECO Series panels and tiles match superior acoustic performance with high design aesthetic. Providing decorative acoustic solutions for noisy spaces from offices, restaurants, schools and hospitals, making your space look good and sound better.

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